Redeemer provides a music mix that is Traditional, or as a friend of ours suggested, Classic Christian. This means that our music style is uplifting and within certain stylistic bounds. Our mix includes old hymns, new hymns, some praise choruses, classical music, instrumentals, acapella works, some anthems, and some psalms. We believe that God alone is Lord of the conscience, and that individual tastes may include music not chosen by Redeemer. Therefore, we do not judge those whose tastes vary from ours, yet we have decided not to play music which has a hard-driving, heavily-syncopated beat. The majority of Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) is not played by Redeemer, while some softer CCM pieces are.

We believe that our music inspires, and has a reverent appeal that helps the listener worship God in spirit and truth. Besides the music style, we also pay close attention to the lyrical content. We try and select songs that exalt the Person and salvation work of our Lord Jesus Christ. The content of the songs must glorify the Triune God of the Scriptures, and not give glory to man. To this end we select songs that are consistent with the message of God's sovereign grace, the sufficiency of the Scriptures, man's depravity and need for salvation, the perseverance of the saints, etc.