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Thursday, March 14th, 2019

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The Covenant Home 3/14-3/15 at 7:00 PM: On Thursday and Friday we will continue reading an excerpt from the Eric Mataxas' book, 7 Men.  We are in the chapter on Eric Liddell. 

Weekend Worldview programs this Saturday 3/16:
Holding All Things Together at 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, we'll look into the freedoms of the Christian faith as opposed to a secular Socialist society. We talk with David Horowitz about his new book DARK AGENDA: The War to Destroy Christian America. Pastor Bill Shishko deals with the subject of purity of our bodies and what the Lord requires. Writer Gerry Wisz joins us to discuss St. Patrick and his evangelical outreach. 

This program reminds us that Christ is before all things, and in him, all things hold together. There is not one area of life over which Christ is not Lord. 

A Plain Answer at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, we'll take a look at the whole climate change debate. What is reality? What about the modeling? What about the claim of human produced CO2 as the primary cause that leads to future cataclysmic climate change? Are there other factors, and what percentage of effect do they exhibit as compared to CO2? Many questions, and you will get a plain answer! Our guest is Dr. E. Calvin Beisner. 

Article heard on a recent edition of The Covenant Home: "The Great Awakening (1725-1760)"

Friday, March 8th, 2019

This past Monday on The Covenant Home, we took a short break from our regular book reading and read an article written by Dr. Phil Ryken.   The title was "The Great Awakening (1725-1760)."  

Phil Ryken was the senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church from 1995—2010 and is now the President of Wheaton College. He is the author of Loving the Way Jesus Loved, Art for God's Sake, and Grace Transforming. 

We need to beseech God for such a great awakening in our own day. Please pray with us for this to happen. These are desperate times. 

Station Highlight - WXMD St. Mary's County, Maryland

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

WXMD serves St. Mary's County in Southern Maryland. We are heard on 89.7 FM and the signal is licensed to California, while the transmitter is located in Hollywood! We have been on the air with WXMD for five years.  Support is growing, and yet we need a bit more to be in the black, including the network attributable expenses besides the expenses needed at the site. 

Thank you to all the listener supporters of WXMD!  

We would love to hear from you.  Please contact us for a free program guide and WXMD Invitation to Listen Cards.  

WXMD back up to full power

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

The tower climbers have finished their work for the day and WXMD is back up to full power.  Thanks for your patience! 

WXMD at low power to protect climbers - temporary

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

WXMD is running at low power as of 9:00 AM. This is to protect climbers on the tower.  We estimate returning to full power around 3:00 PM today. Thanks for your patience.

iPhone App

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Do you have an iPhone and would like the free streaming app for Redeemer? We just launched a new iOS app and it is in the App Store under "Redeemer Broadcasting."  Its free!  Please check it out and let us know how it works for you. 

WXMD on full power again

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

The climbers finished their work on the WXMD tower and it took them late into the day.   We resumed high power around 6:10 PM today.  Thanks for your patience! 

WXMD temporarily on low power

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Tower climbers are working on the WXMD tower today.  We are running low power until they are finished working on the AT&T antennas. Once done, we'll turn the power back up to normal. Thanks for your patience! 

Listener Supported - need help with WYNE-LP

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Thank you for visiting us!

Did you know that this network is listener supported? Indeed, we rely your kind donations 100% - to pay all the bills and keep our radio stations on the air and our online streaming up and running. 

URGENT: The area most difficult for us to keep on the air is Northern New Jersey. Specifically, we desperately need your help to keep WYNE-LP 95.9 FM on the air in the Pompton Lakes/Wayne areas. As an affiliate station, Redeemer pays all the bills for WYNE-LP. The local current support is not nearly keeping pace with the outlay needed for the tower rental. In fact it is seriously in the red. Please have a part today so that we can keep WYNE-LP on the air. At the current rate we can only see a plan to maintain the WYNE-LP signal through 2020, after which it may not make it, unless the giving picks up. Thank you!  

New iPhone streaming App!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Do you have an iPhone and would like the free streaming app for Redeemer? We just launched a new iOS app and it is in the App Store under "Redeemer Broadcasting."  Its free!  Please check it out and let us know how it works for you.